Monday, June 18, 2012

Moments of the Unexplained

The noise gets to be too much. You stand there, in the middle of everyone else and you can’t seem to move as you’re paralyzed by the dizziness that seems to be circling around you. Everyone is running yet you can’t seem to simply take a deep breath. There is no guidance, no map, no clues, not even some pieces so you could puzzle them together. No explanation of why, who and what to do next. The hurt, pain and unsettled emotion of slight abandonment is lingering, no matter how many times you force it to leave. Yet the power in the healing that comes from these moments of lost direction cant be explained.  Reminding yourself that all you have is this moment. The moment to get past the nonsense that seems to set a fog over reality. The moment to set aside and relinquish the current season.

People have tried to comfort you with the ideal cliché that “this is just a season.”  You have even heard yourself saying those words. But it’s in these moment of the unexplained that you realize it’s always going to be that season. That season to learn and to truly love.

For you were taught to love by none other than the Author Himself. The urgency overwhelms you as you notice that there is always someone to love, to lead with ambition. To walk in a way that leaves no footprint of your own sole, but of the one who took your hand.  To recognize the potent potential that is left when you lead the quiet life. 

There is a stage for you to conquer; A victory that is already won.

Inspired by 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12

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