Friday, June 8, 2012

White Noise

Millers Landing. Tallahassee.
I used to think God guides you gently, swinging open the doors and holding them like the gentleman He is. He would make it so evident that it (whatever it may be) is of Him that I couldn't ignore it. I prayed for that kind of confirmation with almost every decision I had to make. I awaited the affirmation that had no question of doubt. I have been in a state of waiting for what seems like a a while, walking through open doors as they come and willing to do anything He pointed towards.  I continued to be open and pray for opportunities. As time passed, the prayers became laced with frustration and I grew anxious. Yet over and over I heard Him ask me to wait. To actively be present in my life, realizing my days were already filled with opportunity.

Yet sometimes—especially recently—God calls us to break down the door. His obedience calls for you to fight. That you try all your resources, get past all your fears, take a step forward without His hand on your back. Being obedient in the pursuit of fighting for what He has for you. To cut through the white noise of what comes at you, and to push through the walls of anticipation.

Actively waiting on Him to guide you, or pushing your way through, it comes down to obedience. Am I diligently seeking, being open and willing? The reminder that blessing comes from flexibility—for when we are willing to be molded, we are not easily broken. That we can't go off what we feel (for our emotions are fleeting) but go off what we know. What do we know? God is God and we are not and He will never leave us. I get caught up in the present and think that I have to figure it all out. I end up causing more harm than good (even if its just confined to my own brain.) The first step of being obedient is getting your butt off the couch even if that means just to get on your knees. So often our prayers are consumed with our own needs and wants. Yet how often did Jesus pray for others? Odds are your prayers wont, and shouldn’t be about you.  There is such humility found in physically getting on your knees, allowing the power of intercessory prayer to be used through you. Stand in the gap. We are called to fight for those around us, to fight for what our heart desires. 

Be open to where ever He might take you. Cut through the noise.

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